to beer or not to beer

by kkhairina

Abruptly disrupted by a man while i was soaked in the book entitled ‘I am Muslim’ I caught the look of his expression and he had a slight smirk and a sneering grin on his face, along with sarcastic remarks.

One of it was,
“Laaaa Islam rupanya, ingatkan kafiaqq”

Oh no he didddddddn’t.

Me being me, i wouldn’t dare say a word. But I did gave him the look. Not your average everyday look, but, the look. If looks could kill then this would be it. This would be where he’d be on his knees, this would be the part where he crawled on the floor shouting for me to look away , grabbing one of my leg while I drag viciously (drama melayu minggu ini) and begging me for mercy. I thought he was an Ustaz where no man/woman has trod before. or better yet some religious place where i’ll burn if i step foot in his territory.

Until i saw a beer on his hand. mmmmmmkay..